Welcome to SKRP

We are always finding things, people, and the most important places or services. What if we put the best premium places and services all on one map so that you could find them easily.

When you can get a free listing it’s easy to find places that are not even of any use or not of a certain class. You expect to be accessible to the best and expect the best to be accessible to you.

That’s why we created SKRP. SKRP is a great way to find premium businesses who have paid a fee in order to get listed and are verified before being shown to all of you. SKRP allows you to reach the best places no matter what. You can’t get on SKRP without paying the membership fee and therefore are guaranteed that each business is genuine and rated properly. The membership fee we charge includes verification and a guarantee that the listing is genuine. We interview the business owner and take care to list only those businesses that we find are