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About Khichdi Enterprise Limited

Also known as Infinity India

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Infinity India, is business enterprise focusing on all types of digital & internet services on various platforms such as graphic design, web design and development, web hosting, search engine optimization, digital marketing, and also offers its own platforms such as job portals, matrimonial portals, bulk SMS-ing and more.

Founder of Infinity India, Shivam Parikh was born and brought up in the US and then shifted back to India. After schooling, he immediately ventured into IT & related services while still in college. Eventually, he has created a business with core values rooted in working toward better relationships rather than succumbing to a work-centric entity. 

Co-Founder of Infinity India, Ritika Angal spent many years in Nagpur where she persued her business administration and hospitality education with several years of work experience. 

Infinity India is associated with the Gujarati film industry and Bollywood with projects with the likes of Delnaaz Irani, Nirmal Soni, Bhakti Kubavat, Aishwariya Majumdar, Ojas Raval, Arvind Vegada, Hemang Dave,  Netri Trivedi and many more. 

Infinity India aims to grant a digital presence that speaks volumes by administrating the website development & design and maintaining its stature all-through our contract agreement while ensuring ROI and terms of contractual policy. 

One of our major & long-standing clients is CIMS Hospital, Ahmedabad. Other clients include KK Jewels, D’Fun, KD Hospital, Air Technoware, GIPS Psychiatric Clinic and many more. We orchestrated corporate tie-ups with Courtyard Marriott Hotel & The Hotel Pride Plaza in Ahmedabad, amongst other entities. 

Target All The Right Customers

The first ask at hand for Infinity India is always to find the right customers and ensure that they get what they need and not the standard that is fed to every other company. One of the major reasons why customers are unable to stay with a company, is that the relationship created by the digital service company lacks understanding of how things need to be run.

The next issue that is found is that analysis reports are not provided to the customer on time and they are unable to assist in conversion of leads, which is essential. Unless the leads convert the entire process is useless. One has to pin point the pressure and sensitive points and ensure that they are taken care of. Unlike others, Infinity India ensures that only the right customers are selected, explained, delivered and retained by organic and honest targeting.

We invite both customers and strategic partners to contact us so that we can offer amazing services and ensure all our services running impeccably. 

About Us

Infinity India is a digital marketing platform concerned with branding, website development and lending other technical services with upmost diligence and creativity. 


"Thinking Differently allows you to Change The Game"

– Shivam Parikh

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